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Avoid Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy

Free Seminar July 31, 2017 6:30 PM

You or someone you know may have been recommended or even undergone harmful and painful steroid injections or surgery for a hip, knee, shoulder, back or neck condition. Did you know there is a pain free medical breakthrough that can eliminate the need for steroids, pain medications and surgery for virtually any joint in the body? Foothills Integrated Health in partnership with the Stem Cell Institute of America is ready to tell you how. Attend our July 11th seminar to learn all about the amazing benefits of stem cells.

This new revolutionary service now available to all of our past patients, family and friends is being called the most significant medical breakthrough in the 21st-century! Call Foothills Integrated Health today at 303-862-1504 to reserve your spot at our July 11th seminar to have all your questions answered. Imagine if you or someone you know underwent painful surgery to later find out that there was a safe, painless, nonsurgical, fast and completely natural procedure that could not only end the pain but even repair and regenerate the very same joint.

Sound too good to be true? Well it's not, the Stem Cell Institute of America has partnered with thousands of doctors and their patients across the United States to teach you all about the miracle of stem cells. Isn't it time to End the pain and suffering for you or someone you know?

Call our office at 303-862-1504 to reserve your spot at our July 11th seminar and start a life free of pain!


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