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                                      IV Therapy

 Achieve a healthier way of life with IV Therapy!

IV Therapy is administered into your arm and is a wonderful way to feel better quickly.   Providing nutrients intravenously is the most effective way of delivering vitamins and minerals because they are delivered directly into the bloodstream.  They don't have to bypass obstacles in the digestive system that could block absorption.

Foothills offers an assortment of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and trace elements that help treat a variety of conditions. 

                                             IV Therapy supports:

      Chronic Fatigue  Symptom Reduction                 Immune Deficiencies
     Muscle Pain Relief                                              Allergies  Symptom Reduction
    Headaches/Migraines Relief                               
Hangover Symptom Reduction

   Cold/flu Symptom Reduction                              Jet Lag Symptom Reduction
  Overall Health/Wellness

                                 FOOTHILLS IV THERAPY PACKAGES


IMMUNE BOOSTER                                                                                                  $100
Feeling tired, worn out, fatigued?  Needing an energy boost?  Traveling on an airplane in the near future?  Indulged too much at the party last night?  Seasonal allergies getting you down?  Weekend warrior feeling the burn?  Or maybe you want to stop that migraine in it's tracks.  This is for you.

IMMUNE BOOSTER PLUS                                                                                        $125
Been exposed to the crud and now you are feeling weak, sinuses and chest clogged up and felling medicine head?  This is for you.   

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