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Fat Focus System

The purpose of this program is to aid in weight loss, but the goals go beyond that. We strive to educate you on optimal diet/nutritional habits to last a lifetime. Our intention is that when you reach your goal weight, you will have the skills to maintain that weight.

3 Reasons People are unable to lose weight and keep it off

  1. Dieting - Crash = quick fix and Chronic = long term caloric deprivation. This is the reason it is hard to keep your weight off long term.  Feeding your body with proper nutrition and eating the right types of foods will raise your body’s metabolism and allow you to lose fat.  

  1. Inactivity – Our body is designed to move and be active. Most people live a sedentary lifestyle which can cause not only our metabolism to slow but also many health related problems long term. Daily activity both cardiovascular and strength training are essential for long term wellness and health. 

  1. Over consumption – Whole grains when consumed in abundance can raise your insulin levels. The whole grains of today have been genetically modified to be less beneficial to our nutrition and health. It is critical to eat foods that stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.

The Fat Focus system includes nutritional consultation with Jennifer Ryan, weight loss program administrator, development of your diet/caloric intake plan, implementation of an exercise routine, laser sessions for fat emulsification and inch loss, whole body vibration to stimulate fat flushing and bi weekly evaluations to keep you on target. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "It's something I look forward to and always feel great after an adjustment."
    - Randy L. / Littleton, CO